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Buy your E-Foil in Mexico

Once you have tried the E-Foil with us, it is likely that you experience the surge of getting your own board. Good news, we are official Lift Foil distributor and we almost always have some boards in stock.


Here are a few thing that you have to know:

1. It is not possible to travel with the battery of the board in an airplane. Which means you can't buy your board during a trip abroad and just fly back with it... 

2. The prices shown on every website in the US doesn't include shipping. We have worked hard to find the best and cheapest price to bring those amazing machines to Mexico, and our Prices are based on the cost of that transport. 

3. Owning an E-Foil is very practical. It require a lot less maintenance than many other watercrafts (wave runners, boats...), doesn't cost anything to use (no gas, no docking fee, no crew...), is easy to transport by land or boat, allowing you to discover and ride unlimited amount of spots.

4. If you buy your E-Foil from us, we can ship it anywhere in Mexico. The board package comes with very nice board and foil covers, a propulsion system case, an industrial grade battery charger. You don't have to buy any exrtra. Just take everything out of the box, put it together in 15 minutes, and go ride... (Charge the battery first...)

5. There are 2 battery available. A regular battery that is lighter and will last about 60 minutes of flight time, and an extended battery that will give you 1h30 of flight time. If you plan to go on adventures with your board, the long battery is highly recommended. If you already know that you will only use your board for 30 minutes session and weight of your board is important for you, then maybe the light battery is an option for you. 

6. Same as the battery, there are 2 versions of Lift 3 boards: the carbon fiber board, light a  bit more expensive, and the fiberglass version (lift 3 F), a bit heavier and cheaper. Our own experience made us understand why the carbon fiber version is so much better and worth the extra $... The weight difference is hugely practical during transport. Also, the feeling while riding is nicer. 

7. There are many options of foil to choose from. Your personal use of the board will fit better of foil or the other, which is why we recommend you to call us for recommendation, so we help you choose the best fit for you. 

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